Foxit Reader ..? adalah software PDF READER layaknya seperti adobe reader,  yang berguna untuk membaca file PDF anda.. karena tentu sudah tidak di pungkiri sekrang lebih banyak file yang document yang berformat PDF karena lebih enak untuk di bacanya,.

Features Software Foxit Reader :

  • Very easy to use software
  • Low volume and no decrease in system performance
  • Identify the core of the latest version and PDF and full compatibility with version 1.7 of the PDF Standard
  • Convert PDF documents to Text documents
  • High security software
  • Show Anmyshn, with the highest quality images, and generally all Object
  • Compatible with various Windows versions, including popular Windows 7
  • Maltese media compatibility and playback files in PDF documents
  • Management panel for safety and all PDF document properties
  • Thumbnail panel easier to view documents
  • Support the Metric System
  • Use the mouse auto scroll
  • Support for Mozilla Firefox browser super


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